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Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Faults

A Tyre Pressure Sensor Fault can be caused by a number of reasons, one of the most common is battery failure. Each TPMS sensor is fitted with an individual battery inside designed to last 100,000 miles. The battery depletes the more miles your vehicle covers. These internal batteries are designed to last up to a maximum of 7 years. In most vehicles these batteries are sealed inside the casing and cannot be replaced, so will generally need a replacement sensor.

Another common issue is with the valve stem, which is much more exposed than the sensor itself. The valve stem is open to the weather and can over time become corroded with salt grit, ice and water being some of the worst things to gradually cause the valve’s demise. The whole sensor will need to be replaced if the valve stem is damaged.

If you have a TPMS fault light on your display, we can help and have all of the necessary diagnostics equipment and experience to help you get the correct information for repair. Our competitive prices are a reliable and cheap alternative to a main dealer, but with all the expertise and equipment needed for you to efficiently resolve your problem.

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